Speech and Language Fall Trees


We are entering my absolute favorite season... FALL!!! Enter the sweaters, jeans, boots, perfect temperatures, beautiful colors, and pumpkin-flavored everything. We are getting in the fall spirit in my speech room this week! Our leaves are not turning quite yet... but maybe these cute fall tree crafts will encourage those leaves to show some color!

We used glue, scissors, some fall colored paper for leaves, and brown paper bags for the tree trunk and branches. We glued our leaves and branches onto some white paper. The best part about this craft? NO PREP. I already had these items lying around my speech room. 

The students worked on listening and following directions while we assembled the trees. After a little discussion about fall (and how awesome it is), the students traced their hands and arm onto the paper bags. After cutting them out, they glued them on their papers. Next, we ripped up our yellow, red, and orange paper and glued on our leaves! The kids had a blast getting to rip up paper! For my younger students, we talked about big leaves and little leaves and rough edges and smooth edges to sneak in some basic concepts and vocabulary.

The students wrote speech/language targets on their leaves. These two students were both working on /r/.  Some of my younger students are not quite ready for writing words yet, so we glued pictures of their targets on the tree with the leaves instead. At the end, the students took their trees home to practice for homework! 

These fall trees were fun to make and turned out so cute! What fall activities are you working on? 


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