Getting Everything Together for The New School Year!


So my first week of school is officially done! Whew! We started school really late this year and I have to admit - adjusting back to setting an alarm, having to wear real clothes for the WHOLE day, and trying to sound intelligible by 8 in the morning has been a wee bit difficult for me this week. I mostly coped with lots of ice cream and coffee. The man was nice and helped extra with feeding me things besides cereal (which is all I had the energy to make at the end of the day) and extra target runs for my somehow never ending list of things I have forgotten. Target should probably just offer free delivery to schools during back to school week. It would make life so much easier.

Anyways.... my room is coming together! I am very excited because I have - *drumroll* - TWO WINDOWS. Heaven help me if I have to change schools anytime soon. They will probably have to drag me out kicking and screaming because I know I will never get a room with such lovely windows ever again.

LOOK AT ALL THOSE GLORIOUS RAYS OF VITAMIN D! Also, have I mentioned I don't really have walls? Just bulletin boards. Super. Giant. Bulletin boards. This is just one of three.

MORE WINDOWS! Do you see my plan here? No matter where I am sitting I will be soaking up that sweet sunshine. My first speech room literally said "storage" on the outside - this is such a nice  upgrade. This is my desk and my preschool table. Aren't the little chairs so cute next to that well placed hand sanitizer?

The SLP who was here before me must have had a super awesome budget back in the day, because she left so many amazing speech materials! I am very lucky. 

I also have a smart board this year! And a cute dollhouse with lots of little objects and people for my little ones to play with :) My principal even ordered me a new green carpet (to match my blue and green theme I am attempting) for them to play on. She also bought me an EET kit so she is pretty much my new BFF.  It is great to have an administrator who understands my role and appreciates what SLPs do!

This is my homework and student folder area... It is still under construction. They obviously did not have copy limits back in the day because there were SO MANY BOXES full of homework sheets! I am trying to scale it down a bit. Again with the giant bulletin boards... Do you know how hard it is to try to put paper up on these? I hope my kids like this year's color theme because I will probably never take them down.

One last chance for my students working on articulation to get some practice in before leaving! Thanks Natalie Snyders :)

This week has been full of cleaning, organizing, bulletin-boarding, kindergarten screening, and trying to figure out middle school at my other school! I have also been getting together student homework folders to send home the first day. Along with an introduction letter and communication log, I will also be including these Parent Handouts for Articulation in the folders this year.

These handouts are great for helping parents get involved in practicing with their children. So often I have parents say that they just don't really know how to help when I send homework sheets home. So I decided to create these handouts to help explain to parents how to make each sound and different tips and tricks and ways to practice. They are in black and white for quick printing, as well as color. 

You can checkout these handouts at my store here! There are handouts available for /k, g, f, v, sh, ch, j, s, z, l, th, and r/. I think my parents are really going to like them!

How has the beginning of your school year been going? Are you feeling back in the swing of things yet? I wish you happy speeching as your year gets started!


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