Celebrating Veteran's Day in the Speech Room


This week is Veteran's Day. I think it is important to discuss events and holidays with my students. I know they talk about it in their classrooms, but I find that my students - particularly my students who have difficulties with language - benefit from extra exposure to the concepts and vocabulary. I am also a big theme person... so it will be a Veteran's Day theme all week in my speech room! Here are some ways we will be remembering our veterans this week:

1. The Wall

The Wall is a book I still remember from my own childhood. It is about a kid and his dad who go to the Vietnam War Memorial to look for the child's grandfather's name and also meet a veteran. I like using it in therapy for my 2nd to 5th graders who understand what a veteran is, but may not understand the sacrifices a veteran has made. It has some sad concepts, but does not come right out and say them. It is a good book for targeting comprehension, inferencing skills, and discussing some of the sad realities about veterans and why we should honor them.

2. Veteran's Day Mini-Book


For my younger students, we will be reading the Veteran's Day Mini-Book and doing some follow-up activities from Speech in a Snap - November! You can find these activities at my store here!

3. A patriotic craft!

People, I love crafts in the speech room. You can target almost anything and it keeps all the kids engaged. We will be working on following directions to assemble the flag, and then writing target words for my artic kids or writing some great descriptions of veterans on the stripes with the help of our EET(TM)  strands. My OT will love that the kids will be working on cutting and writing during this activity :)

How will you be celebrating Veteran's Day this week?

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