What's in Your Cart? TPT Back to School Scale! {Linky}

Can you believe it? Summer days will soon come to an end.... and you know what that means! The TPT Back to School sale is here! This year's sale is August 1st and 2nd and my whole store will be 28% off! These sales only happen four times a year, so it is a great time to stock up and get ready for the new school year. Just don't forget to se the promo code BestYear when checking out!

I am linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News to share some items in my cart! I also have a few ideas from my store for your cart!

Here are a few items from my store that will make the starting the school year a breeze!

Be prepared for the whole season with Speech in a Snap Fall Bundle! It include three months of no prep activities for both speech and language goals that are perfect for fall.

I am so excited about these Quick Strips Prepositions! These are the perfect interactive grab and go tool to target both identifying and following directions with prepositions.

My best selling Parent Handouts for Articulation are perfect for giving parents or teachers tips and tricks to practice articulation with students.

Here is a look at what is in my cart!

No prep scenes for the whole year with targets for nearly all my students? Yes please. These Seasonal Scenes for Mixed Groups from Speech Time Fun look perfect for busy days!

I am so excited for these Articulation Progress Trackers from A Perfect Blend! My students love to know how they are doing and this looks like a great way to keep them involved in monitoring their own progress.

I am already in love with these Editable, Monthly Newsletters for SLPS from Speech Musings! A practical and cute way to communicate with parents! Win win.

I would love to know what is in your cart! Comment below or link up with Jenna at The Speech Room News to share! Happy shopping :)

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Video Tutorial: How to Use Google Calendar to Make Your Therapy Schedule

I think that all school SLPs can agree that one of the most dreaded tasks at the beginning of the school year is trying to schedule students! I have tried using pencil and paper, post-its, and my white board to help make visualizing my schedule easier, but I think I have finally found the easiest way to create my schedule: Google Calendar.

I KNOW, right?!

We are all using Google for everything else, how did using the calendar feature to create my schedule not occur to me sooner?! 

But seriously ya'll. It's so easy. And you can't lose any post-it notes only to find them on the bottom of your shoe later. And you won't get pencil marks all over the side of your hand. And possibly the best part is that you can easily change it all year long! 

And when you get your schedule all finished and you are sitting there glowing with pride at your accomplishment, and then that one pesky teacher (you know the one) comes in and tells you she forgot that Johny can't come on Fridays either (don't ask why) - ITS OK. You can just drag and drop to another slot EASY PEASY.

What do you think? Super convenient, right? I hope that makes starting the school year a little bit easier for you!



Side Hustles for SLPs

Speech pathologists have so many options when choosing what sort of setting they would like to work in. For me, I am a school SLP through and through and I wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing beats those smiling kids! But to help make ends meet, I have dabbled around in doing PRN work and it really helps! I work just a few days a month at a local rehab facility. I love the flexibility and I like keeping current in the adult world of therapy. Looking for a few ways to make a little extra cash? Here are some side hustle ideas for SLPs:

  1. Hospitals: Working at a hospital or rehab facility often provides lots of flexibility for PRN SLPs. I work in a rehab hospital and can choose when I can and when I cannot work. During the school year, I usually work about two weekend days a month with the option to do more or less. I pick up more hours over summers and holiday breaks. When I first started, it had been a few years since I had done any work with adults in my clinical placements, but my facility was really great and let me shadow an SLP for a little bit until I felt comfortable. They also provided training for their documentation systems and have additional training online from time to time. 
  2. Nursing Homes: If you are looking for flexibility, working PRN at a nursing home can be another good option. You can let them know when you are and are not available to pick up some hours. Some nursing homes hire SLPs directly, while others rely on agencies, so it is a good idea to look into how the nursing homes in your area operate if you are interested in this type of work.
  3. Home Health: This is a growing area in our field and can be a steady source of extra income. It is flexible in that you can schedule your own clients, but it does require a routine time commitment to see your client(s). Working in home health provides a better opportunity to build relationships with patients and see their progress in therapy more than PRN positions do.
  4. Pediatric Clinics: If you are interested in working with kids, pediatric clinics often look for therapists to assist part-time with after school and weekend hours. I previously worked in a clinic and some of the perks included 1:1 sessions, no traveling, and getting to build strong relationships with kids and their families.
  5. Private clients: Seeing kids (or adults) privately can be rewarding, lucrative, and flexible - but there are some hoops to jump through to get started. Make sure you are following any rules set forth by your current employer to avoid any conflicts of interest. Also, ASHA states that clients need to be informed of all of their options of other therapy providers in the area. You also need to consider how you will get clients, what your rate will be, where you will provide your services, and if you need to purchase any tests or materials. 
  6. The internet! : Teletherapy, selling original materials online, and blogging can all be ways to use your skills and knowledge as an SLP to earn some extra money. 
Do you have any side hustles? Comment with your experiences below! I would love to hear from you!