Would You Rather: An Articulation Carryover Activity for Older Students and a Freebie!


I am excited to share with you a project I have been working on for quite some time now!

Now that I have a middle school on my caseload, I have several students working on that dreaded /r/ sound. Many of them having been working on /r/ for a few years by this point, and they just can't seem to quite remember to carryover that /r/ into unstructured speech. Many of them have been "therapized" to say their "r" well when making sentences or reading passages with "r", but once that structure is gone, so is their good "r"!

Would You Rather Articulation for R targets carryover of /r, r-blends, ar, er, or, air, ear, and ire/! It is a fun way to help students work on generalizing skills into conversational speech. My middle school students are loving it!

There is a mix of both serious and silly questions that get students laughing and talking, all while practicing their /r/ sound.

The cards are age-appropriate for upper elementary, middle, and high school students with no "cutesy" graphics geared towards younger students.  I find that my older students are less interested in activities when the graphics don't look like they are suited towards their age group. 

There are also word lists for each type of /r/ included!

Here are some therapy ideas to use with this packet!
  • Use one set of cards for practice on one typeof /r/ or mix the cards for a more difficult level of practice.
  • For older students, draw a card and have each student answer and discuss the question.
  • For younger students, these cards may be paired with a reinforcing game. Have each student draw and answer a card before taking a turn in the game.
  • For mixed groups, these cards may also be used to target fluency, perspective taking, responding in written language, auditory memory (recalling others' answers), and expressive language!

Interested in trying it out? You can grab a sample of this product at my store here! If you enjoy it, head on over to purchase it here!

I hope this makes working on /r/ a little bit easier and more fun with your older students :)

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