What's in Your Cart? {Linky}


I hope that you are recovering from your carb comas and your Black Friday adventures. I also hope you are ready for the TPT Cyber Monday Sale! This is a great time to stock up on therapy materials because most stores will be up to 28% off! This sale will happen November 30th and December 1st. Just type in the promo code from TPT while checking out!

Today I'm linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News to share what is in my cart! I've also got a few ideas from my store to share with you!

From my store, you need:

Speech in a Snap December has you covered for the whole month with easy peasy no prep activities with winter and holiday themes.

Would You Rather is great for working on carryover of /r/ for older students in reading and conversation!

Help parents and teachers understand how to help your students produce and practice their speech sounds with Parent Handouts for Articulation.

Here's what is in my cart!

My middle schoolers will love this Reading & Responding and Interpreting Language with Text Messages from Mia McDaniel!

I have a lot of little ones working on multisyllabic words this year. Cat Says Meow's Multisyllabic Words with Fingerprint Prompts will be perfect for them!

 I am so excited to use these Parts of Speech Sentence Flips from The Dabbling Speechie! They will be perfect for my younger students working on expanding sentences.

I love TPT sales :) Happy Cyber Monday Shopping! Don't forget your promo code!


5 Things You Didn't Know About This SLP {Linky}


I am linking up with The Speech Space to share 5 things you didn't know about this SLP! I hope you get to know a little more about me. Please link up or comment to share a little about you!

1. I love cooking.  I also love cooking shows. My most watched shows on Netflix right now are America's Test Kitchen and Chopped. My man and I cook mostly vegetarian meals together nearly every night. Gotta stay healthy people.

2. I am from a very small town. My graduating class had 48 people in it. We had a town birthday party for our single traffic light every year with the marching band playing and everything. My local hardware store sold pies every week and put up a sign that said Friday is Pie Day. It was a magical place and I loved growing up there!

3. I play the flute. I play in my local community band! We rehearse every week and it is so nice to work together as a team toward a common goal. It fulfills my inner band nerd.

4. I love NPR. I listen to NPR every day, religiously. My first movie date with my man was to see a recorded airing of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I am dying for the next Serial podcast to come out.

5. I work part time at an acute rehab facility. I work some weekends with adults who have had strokes, TBI, and other conditions. While working with kids is my first love, I like staying current in the adult side of speech therapy.

Don't forget to head back over to Jessica's blog at The Speech Space to link up and to enter her giveaway!

Thanks for reading!


Black Friday Deals for SLPs


Black Friday is soon approaching. Normally, I avoid shopping in malls and shopping centers at all costs. If I can order it online, I see no need to venture out into the overstimulating and crowded stores (which are also far away from my house), where I also seem to come back with way too many things I did not plan on purchasing. However, I am a sucker for good deals. I will put off buying something for months if I can when I know it will be on sale later! Black Friday is definitely a good day for finding good deals. Not only is this a good time to stock up on some Christmas presents, but you can also find some great SLP steals. I've organized this list by category to help you with your shopping list! Click on the pictures to view the items on Amazon and compare the prices.

  • "Assorted" children's games, family games, and card games at Kohl's: Their ad is rather vague, but they are advertising about 50% off their normal prices! 

  • Sharpies!!! Walmart is offering a 30-pack of assorted sharpies for 10 bucks! 

  • All kinetic sand will be 50% off at Michael's. If you have not tried this stuff, you should - especially for kids with sensory needs (although all my kids love it).

  • Rolling carts will be 29.99 at Michael's. I keep one of these right next to my therapy table to keep all my craft supplies and therapy essentials within reach.

  • Play-Doh Fun Factory Mega Set: No Pre-K or Elementary therapy room is complete without some good old-fashioned play dough. Walmart will have this huge set for only 10 bucks. That is definitely a steal!

  • Canon Wireless All-In-One Printer: While you are dreaming about being able to have a colored printer at school (please tell me I am not the only one?), you can save yourself 20 dollars and grab this printer from Walmart for only 39 dollars.

  • What is an SLP without her laminator? She is but a poor lost soul... just kidding (sort of). Grab a scotch laminator at Walmart for only 12.99!

  • For you crafty people, Cricut cartridges will be 17.99 at Michael's! 

  • A Crock-Pot 6 Qt Slow Cooker: On sale at Target for $17. I have this exact model and it works great! Perfect for those busy weekdays.

  • Contigo travel mugs will be on sale at Kohl's for 7.99. If you are like me... you will need approximately 12 of these. I am always leaving these in various conference rooms!

I hope you find some great deals this year and enjoy the holiday season :)



5 Books for Thanksgiving on Youtube


We are finally approaching Thanksgiving!!! Here in Virginia, we apparently do not believe in any of those 3 day weekends that I was so spoiled with in New York.  Columbus? Who's that? Veterans Day? You post office employees are so spoiled. Fall break? That's for the weak! But, we do believe in Thanksgiving break - thank goodness. While I could debate about who is more excited about the break - students or teachers - the fact is we all need it. And while we wait for the break, we are all going to be a little extra wiggly this week. This is one of those weeks where I like to bust out... Youtube. Did you know that lots of the books you are probably already using in your therapy rooms are on Youtube? And for some reason listening to a stranger read the books and watching it on the Smart board is far more exciting that listening to you read it at the table. But that's okay, because it will help keep my students engaged this week. Here are 5 books for Thanksgiving that you can find on Youtube:

  1. Ten Fat Turkeys

  2. Find it on Youtube here.

  3. 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

  4. Find it on Youtube here.

  5. Turkey Trouble

  6. Find it on Youtube here.

  7. The Great Turkey Race

  8. Find it on Youtube here.

  9. A Plump and Perky Turkey

  10. Find it on Youtube here.

I hope this makes your week before Thanksgiving break a little easier!




Would You Rather: An Articulation Carryover Activity for Older Students and a Freebie!


I am excited to share with you a project I have been working on for quite some time now!

Now that I have a middle school on my caseload, I have several students working on that dreaded /r/ sound. Many of them having been working on /r/ for a few years by this point, and they just can't seem to quite remember to carryover that /r/ into unstructured speech. Many of them have been "therapized" to say their "r" well when making sentences or reading passages with "r", but once that structure is gone, so is their good "r"!

Would You Rather Articulation for R targets carryover of /r, r-blends, ar, er, or, air, ear, and ire/! It is a fun way to help students work on generalizing skills into conversational speech. My middle school students are loving it!

There is a mix of both serious and silly questions that get students laughing and talking, all while practicing their /r/ sound.

The cards are age-appropriate for upper elementary, middle, and high school students with no "cutesy" graphics geared towards younger students.  I find that my older students are less interested in activities when the graphics don't look like they are suited towards their age group. 

There are also word lists for each type of /r/ included!

Here are some therapy ideas to use with this packet!
  • Use one set of cards for practice on one typeof /r/ or mix the cards for a more difficult level of practice.
  • For older students, draw a card and have each student answer and discuss the question.
  • For younger students, these cards may be paired with a reinforcing game. Have each student draw and answer a card before taking a turn in the game.
  • For mixed groups, these cards may also be used to target fluency, perspective taking, responding in written language, auditory memory (recalling others' answers), and expressive language!

Interested in trying it out? You can grab a sample of this product at my store here! If you enjoy it, head on over to purchase it here!

I hope this makes working on /r/ a little bit easier and more fun with your older students :)


Celebrating Veteran's Day in the Speech Room


This week is Veteran's Day. I think it is important to discuss events and holidays with my students. I know they talk about it in their classrooms, but I find that my students - particularly my students who have difficulties with language - benefit from extra exposure to the concepts and vocabulary. I am also a big theme person... so it will be a Veteran's Day theme all week in my speech room! Here are some ways we will be remembering our veterans this week:

1. The Wall

The Wall is a book I still remember from my own childhood. It is about a kid and his dad who go to the Vietnam War Memorial to look for the child's grandfather's name and also meet a veteran. I like using it in therapy for my 2nd to 5th graders who understand what a veteran is, but may not understand the sacrifices a veteran has made. It has some sad concepts, but does not come right out and say them. It is a good book for targeting comprehension, inferencing skills, and discussing some of the sad realities about veterans and why we should honor them.

2. Veteran's Day Mini-Book


For my younger students, we will be reading the Veteran's Day Mini-Book and doing some follow-up activities from Speech in a Snap - November! You can find these activities at my store here!

3. A patriotic craft!

People, I love crafts in the speech room. You can target almost anything and it keeps all the kids engaged. We will be working on following directions to assemble the flag, and then writing target words for my artic kids or writing some great descriptions of veterans on the stripes with the help of our EET(TM)  strands. My OT will love that the kids will be working on cutting and writing during this activity :)

How will you be celebrating Veteran's Day this week?