Turkey Claus {+ Giveaway!}


Happy Holidays! There are 7 work days left until winter break - woohoo! My speech room is in full holiday swing! We have decorated reindeer, read about some holiday traditions from around the world, and now we are reading Turkey Claus!

First of all, if you have not read this book - you need to. It has become a Christmas favorite in my speech room. I literally had a kindergarten student give me a fist-pump about this book choice after listening to it. I wish I could have had that moment captured on video - I died. It was too funny! Anyway... similar to the other Turkey books by Wendi Silvano, Turkey is in trouble because the farmer wants to eat him for dinner. Turkey decides to ask Santa for some help, but Santa is too busy! Turkey then tries on various disguises to try to sneak in to see Santa. His disguises are quite creative and always get my kids giggling. The book ends on a happy note. I like this book for therapy because it is great for predicting (Do you think this costume will work? Why or why not? What will Turkey dress like next?), sequencing, tier II vocabulary, and comprehension. I also have a record amount of students working on the /k/ sound this year, so they get several opportunities to practice while talking about turKey.

To go along with reading our book, we have been using my book companion that you can find in my TPT store

For my younger students working on sequencing, we have been using the story mats and mini-book to practice putting the story in order. Then the students use their ordered pictures to re-tell the story!

There are also two sets of comprehension questions - one set for basic WH questions/recall and one set for higher level reasoning questions, such as inferencing and feelings questions

Foy my older students, we have been using the vocabulary word-wall words and the definition cards. For homework, they did a sentence completion page with the vocabulary words we practiced in therapy (not shown).

We also will be following up with some extension activities, including identifying character traits, following directions, and prepositions! There are also activities for comparing and contrasting with venn diagrams, writing/drawing prompts, story grammar for older students, and some good old fashioned reinforcer activities.

You can check out more of my Turkey Claus companion here! Also, enter to win a copy below!

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I hope these ideas help you make it sanely to winter break! Happy holidays!




  1. I love book/material combinations. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate books into therapy, because I feel like a lot of my kids really don't get that literature exposure as often as I would like!

    1. ^ I don't know why it says 'Unknown', I'm Lindsay V. :)