Quick Strips for Following Directions

When I first started doing therapy, I targeted following directions primarily through crafts or seasonal cut and glue or color pages. While these can be great and I love a good craft, I was finding I needed something that I could just pull out and get to work with that provided lots of repetitions and opportunities for practice. That is why I created these Quick Strips for Following Directions. They are great for a grab and go activity to target a variety of following direction skills.

Here is what's included...

There are four targets for following directions: basic, sequential, quantitative, and temporal. The basic directions include one to six elements, such as color, size, and location. The more elements, the more complex the direction. This is especially helpful for my students who are working on remembering details about directions or understanding basic concepts.

The Sequential Directions include both two and three step directions. I always have lots of students working on multi-step directions, so I love that I can just pull these out for quick and easy practice. 

The Quantitative Directions include the concepts of one, all, some, both, or, either, except, not, and don't.  I especially love these strips for my older students who still need to work on these concepts, but are too old to target through play.

The last type of directions included is temporal directions. These strips include concepts of before and after.

The packet ends with a data collection sheet so you can progress monitor how your students are doing! You can check this product out here on TPT! Grab it for 50% off until Monday night.

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