Better Hearing and Speech Month Trivia!

May has arrived! And, if you are an SLP, that means you know it is officially Better Hearing and Speech Month. Now... I love being an SLP. And I love letting other people know about about all things speech and showing some speechie pride. However, it is a little tough to be festive and celebrating all the awesome things about speech when this might cause some sort of *testing irregularity* during the next month. They really ought to schedule these things better.

Speech pride > State testing.

So, I will be celebrating quietly. Each Tuesday in May I will be sending out a Tuesday Trivia question to my teachers and staff. And they are going to participate! Do you know why? Because they all are just as excited about speech as me!

Just kidding. It is because I convinced my principal to give out jean day passes. Those passes are motivating this time of year! I already have teachers asking me for some pre-trivia clues so they can wear some jeans.

I thought I would share some of my trivia questions with you all! I tried to think of questions that would help teachers learn more about what us SLPs do (hint: it's not fixing kids' R's all day), some background on becoming an SLP, and speech in the media. There are 5 Tuesdays in May this year, so there are 5 questions!

How will you be celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month? I hope you find a way to get your staff involved!



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