App Review: GoSequencing by Smarty Ears


I'd like to share with you an app from one of my favorite speechie companies - Smarty Ear's GoSequencing. You can watch a detailed video about the app here -

Here's what I love about this app! First of all, it is from Smarty Ears. This company makes apps by SLPs for SLPs! As usual, this app contained quality content with relevant targets for speech therapy. You can probably guess from the title that this app is all about sequencing. 

When you first open the app, you will notice that you can select one player or add more. I love that the app allows for more than one player at a time so that I can use it with my language groups at school.

The default starting point is at Level 1, however you can modify the level if you know a student can handle greater difficulty. You can also have different students working on different levels during a group session! 

The easiest level works on identifying what happened first or last in a short story. As the levels get higher, the work gets more difficult with sequences up to 6 steps. The levels are also scaffolded in prompts. The earlier levels provide images, text, and audio information, but this is reduced to just text (which can be read aloud for non-readers by clicking on the text) and audio information. 

Students must sequence the story and earn 10 stars (not sequentially) before they can go to the next level.

The sequences are generally about non-fiction and functional information.

Because of the variety of difficulty levels, I would say this app is appropriate for pre-school to 5th grade. The graphics are definitely geared more towards elementary-aged students.

This app also stores each student's data and tracks their progress in his or her profile! It even makes a graph so therapists and students can easily see the progress.

•Pros: Can be single-player or multi-player, multiple difficulty levels, scaffolded prompts, engaging and motivating, options available to make your own sequences (great for sequencing functional life skills adapted to individual students!),  tracks student progress, available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

•Cons: Only non-fiction sequences are available right now

Overall I think this is a great app! It can be used with a variety of students because of the varying levels of difficulty available. I love that it can be used in groups and can even have students working at different levels at the same time. The ability to create customized sequences is great for students working on learning and recalling functional skills. 

This app is available for $21.99 in the iTunes store. This app was provided to me for review, but the opinions are all my own! 


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