Assessing Student Satisfaction in Speech Therapy {Freebie!}


Are you required to handout surveys to assess student satisfaction as part of your professional evaluation? At my school, this is something every teacher must do. For the last two years, I gave out the surveys available to me at work and found them to be confusing for students and not useful feedback for me personally. The surveys were suited for classroom teachers and just didn't always make sense when applied to speech therapy! So, I decided to come up with some student surveys of my own.

I designed these surveys specifically with SLPs and speech students in mind. They are brief, easy to administer, and contain child friendly language.


There are two versions of the survey. One has graphics that may be easier for younger students to use, while the other one may be used for older students or readers. There is also a form to help you analyze your survey results! You can download this survey at my store here!

I hope you can use these forms in speech therapy with your students! If you find them helpful, please remember to leave me feedback!



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