Black Friday Deals for SLPs


Black Friday is soon approaching. Normally, I avoid shopping in malls and shopping centers at all costs. If I can order it online, I see no need to venture out into the overstimulating and crowded stores (which are also far away from my house), where I also seem to come back with way too many things I did not plan on purchasing. However, I am a sucker for good deals. I will put off buying something for months if I can when I know it will be on sale later! Black Friday is definitely a good day for finding good deals. Not only is this a good time to stock up on some Christmas presents, but you can also find some great SLP steals. I've organized this list by category to help you with your shopping list! Click on the pictures to view the items on Amazon and compare the prices.

  • "Assorted" children's games, family games, and card games at Kohl's: Their ad is rather vague, but they are advertising about 50% off their normal prices! 

  • Sharpies!!! Walmart is offering a 30-pack of assorted sharpies for 10 bucks! 

  • All kinetic sand will be 50% off at Michael's. If you have not tried this stuff, you should - especially for kids with sensory needs (although all my kids love it).

  • Rolling carts will be 29.99 at Michael's. I keep one of these right next to my therapy table to keep all my craft supplies and therapy essentials within reach.

  • Play-Doh Fun Factory Mega Set: No Pre-K or Elementary therapy room is complete without some good old-fashioned play dough. Walmart will have this huge set for only 10 bucks. That is definitely a steal!

  • Canon Wireless All-In-One Printer: While you are dreaming about being able to have a colored printer at school (please tell me I am not the only one?), you can save yourself 20 dollars and grab this printer from Walmart for only 39 dollars.

  • What is an SLP without her laminator? She is but a poor lost soul... just kidding (sort of). Grab a scotch laminator at Walmart for only 12.99!

  • For you crafty people, Cricut cartridges will be 17.99 at Michael's! 

  • A Crock-Pot 6 Qt Slow Cooker: On sale at Target for $17. I have this exact model and it works great! Perfect for those busy weekdays.

  • Contigo travel mugs will be on sale at Kohl's for 7.99. If you are like me... you will need approximately 12 of these. I am always leaving these in various conference rooms!

I hope you find some great deals this year and enjoy the holiday season :)



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