5 Things You Didn't Know About This SLP {Linky}


I am linking up with The Speech Space to share 5 things you didn't know about this SLP! I hope you get to know a little more about me. Please link up or comment to share a little about you!

1. I love cooking.  I also love cooking shows. My most watched shows on Netflix right now are America's Test Kitchen and Chopped. My man and I cook mostly vegetarian meals together nearly every night. Gotta stay healthy people.

2. I am from a very small town. My graduating class had 48 people in it. We had a town birthday party for our single traffic light every year with the marching band playing and everything. My local hardware store sold pies every week and put up a sign that said Friday is Pie Day. It was a magical place and I loved growing up there!

3. I play the flute. I play in my local community band! We rehearse every week and it is so nice to work together as a team toward a common goal. It fulfills my inner band nerd.

4. I love NPR. I listen to NPR every day, religiously. My first movie date with my man was to see a recorded airing of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I am dying for the next Serial podcast to come out.

5. I work part time at an acute rehab facility. I work some weekends with adults who have had strokes, TBI, and other conditions. While working with kids is my first love, I like staying current in the adult side of speech therapy.

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Erin! I like to cook too!

  2. So fun reading your 5 facts! :)
    Karen (The Pedi Speechie)

  3. I really really wish I had a hardware store that had "Pie Day" close by!

  4. I love to watch Chopped, too! :)

  5. I love Chopped, also! It's one of my favorite shows! I am also hoping to do some part time work with adults after I get my CCC. I really want to keep my knowledge in that area current.

  6. I need to get on the NPR bandwagon--I have listened to Serial and enjoyed it (it's a terrific auditory processing task BTW). Going to try "Wait wait..", thanks for the recommendation! Loved reading about your town parties and that "magic" places still exist!

  7. I play flute in the community band here, too! :)

  8. Hi! I used to work PRN for nursing homes/rehab facilities. I think it is important to keep up medical therapy skills! That is so neat that you play the flute!
    -Mandi of Panda Speech