7 Signs You Are An SLP on Summer Break

7 Signs You Are An SLP on Summer Break

If you are an SLP on summer break, you probably don't need a reminder! But just in case you are having some short term memory difficulties, here are some reminders. https://wordofmouth.blogspot.com

You may or may not have spent the entire morning on Pinterest.

But hey! It was all all speech stuff, so that counts as professional development, right?

Speaking of Pinterest... your children have become Pinterest lab rats.

Because nothing on Pinterest ever works as well in real life. Somebody needs to test out those therapy ideas!

Back to school ads give you mini panic attacks.

Why can't target let us enjoy our summer in peace?! I swear they put that back to school stuff out less than a week into vacation.

Free ASHA CEUs was the best surprise of the summer.

Finally, some free CEUs from ASHA! All the SLPs rejoice!

You went to see Pixar's Inside Out.

For research purposes only of course! You need to be able to talk to the kids about it and of course develop some awesome social skill lesson plans.

Your non-SLP friends are jealous.

What can we say? Being an SLP has its perks.

You know you'll be ready to go back this fall.

But until then, relax and enjoy your break!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


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