Video Tutorial: How to Use Google Calendar to Make Your Therapy Schedule

I think that all school SLPs can agree that one of the most dreaded tasks at the beginning of the school year is trying to schedule students! I have tried using pencil and paper, post-its, and my white board to help make visualizing my schedule easier, but I think I have finally found the easiest way to create my schedule: Google Calendar.

I KNOW, right?!

We are all using Google for everything else, how did using the calendar feature to create my schedule not occur to me sooner?! 

But seriously ya'll. It's so easy. And you can't lose any post-it notes only to find them on the bottom of your shoe later. And you won't get pencil marks all over the side of your hand. And possibly the best part is that you can easily change it all year long! 

And when you get your schedule all finished and you are sitting there glowing with pride at your accomplishment, and then that one pesky teacher (you know the one) comes in and tells you she forgot that Johny can't come on Fridays either (don't ask why) - ITS OK. You can just drag and drop to another slot EASY PEASY.

What do you think? Super convenient, right? I hope that makes starting the school year a little bit easier for you!




  1. Love this Erin! I'm going to try this out for my schedule in the Fall!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I'm assuming you can also invite the principal to the calendar so they will always have it, even when it's modified! THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! So so helpful!! :)