Data Collection (with freebie!) {Linky}


I am teaming up with the Frenzied SLPs to talk about data collection! If you asked 100 SLPs how they keep data, you would probably get 100 different answers. But no matter how you take data, the important thing is to do it! Data is what drives your goals, therapy, planning, and IEPs... not to mention progress notes and medicaid. Here is a look at how I take data during my therapy sessions!

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I have tried a few different methods of taking data... and this is the method that has worked best so far for me! I use these address labels to take data during my sessions. I have a lot of groups and not a lot of time! These labels are portable and simple - just what I need. Each morning, I will write the names of the kids I am seeing that day in the corners of the labels and put the label sheet on my clipboard. During my sessions, I just jot down the target and record my data as we go along! I use a +/- system since it is easy to keep track of. If I give a prompt, I circle the + or - and write max, med, or min prompts at the bottom of the note. This helps me know how much help a student needed that day when looking back. 

At the end of the day, I peel off the labels I used and put them on the Daily Data Keeper page I have for each student. I keep a large data binder full of these papers! I use clear sheet protectors as a "folder" for each student with these forms in each sheet protector. I also use these forms to help me keep track of attendance, if the student was seen individually or in a group, accuracy, and any anecdotal notes. I have a lot of students to type up medicaid notes for - and this method of raw data collection has been a life saver to quickly type up my notes (especially if you are a medicaid procrastinating champ like me and cannot recall when you saw each student and what you did)!!! Lastly, my school is BIG into reporting data, so this makes it easy to pull out raw data and use it to chart progress or fill out rubrics. You can download my No Frills Daily Data Keeper at my store!

How do you keep your data? Comment below! Interested in linking up? Join the Frenzied SLPs here!



  1. I'm a labels girl, too, but I wait until the whole sheet is filled up to put it on the student's sheet.

  2. Mary uses labels, too and I really like the ability to use one sheet for groups rather than shuffling back and forth between data sheets. I can then simply peel and place on individual data sheets. I'm going to get some labels today!

    1. My school does a teacher wish list for the PTA - I put labels on it. I had one parent on the PTA buy me a HUGE pack of labels. It was the best gift ever! It lasted me almost the entire year!

  3. Labels are quite popular! Peel and go, love it!

  4. Very cool! I've never used it, mostly because printing out labels has never worked well for me (I really despise printers and labels are too expensive to have printed incorrectly). For those who have it figured out though, it looks like it would work wonderfully!

  5. I started using labels last year. I'll have to try your folder idea.

    All Y’all Need

  6. So clever and efficient! Avery should probably pay you royalties! They owe you!

  7. I love any excuse to print something on labels and you've just given me a good one!! Thank you!